Can I Refill The Pods Of A VGOD Stig Vape?

The VGOD Stig vape is designed as a disposable, single-use device, meaning it comes pre-filled with e-liquid and is intended to be discarded once the e-liquid is depleted. Unlike refillable pod systems, the Stig pods are not designed to be refilled or reused. However, some users may attempt to refill the pods of a VGOD vape for various reasons, such as cost savings or to experiment with different e-liquids. While it is technically possible to refill Stig pods, there are several factors to consider before attempting doing so:

Leakage and performance

Refilling Stig pods may compromise the integrity of the pod, leading to leaks, spitback, or diminished performance. The seals and components of the Stig pod are not designed to withstand multiple fillings, which can result in e-liquid leaking into the device or mouthpiece.

Quality and safety

The Stig pods are manufactured and sealed under controlled conditions to ensure the quality and safety of the e-liquid inside. Attempting to refill Stig pods with aftermarket e-liquids may introduce contaminants or impurities into the device, possibly compromising the safety and performance of the vape.

Risk of damage

Refilling Stig pods requires removing the mouthpiece or cap, which can damage the pod’s seals and construction. Additionally, improper handling during the refilling process can cause leaks or spills, leading to damage to the device or battery.

Warranty voidance

Attempting to refill Stig pods may void the warranty of the device, as it involves tampering with the original components and seals. If the device malfunctions or becomes damaged as a result of refilling the pods, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty or provide support for repairs or replacements.

Alternative options

Instead of attempting to refill Stig pods, users may consider investing in refillable pod systems that are specifically designed for multiple fillings. These devices offer greater flexibility and customization options, allowing users to experiment with different e-liquids and flavors without compromising performance or safety.

While it is technically possible to refill the pods of a VGOD Stig vape, it is not recommended due to risks and limitations. Refilling Stig pods may compromise the performance, safety, and integrity of the device, and may void the warranty. Instead, users are encouraged to explore alternative options such as refillable pod systems that offer greater flexibility and convenience for vaping.