What Stationery Do I Need For Year 10?

Before starting your first day of school, you must understand what stationery you will need for the year. Depending on the subject you are studying, you will need: Pencil cases, Whitener, Scissors, a Calculator, and more. You can purchase the remaining items on or after the first day of school from reputable school stationery shops in Dubai. Below is a list of the most common stationery items you will need for the year.

Pencil case:

Whether you’re a year ten student or a parent of a year nine, a pencil case is a great investment for your child’s school supplies. Unlike traditional pencil cases, these are designed to fit a variety of items. Most come in various colors and are small enough to store in a school bag conveniently. Many cases can be clipped onto other items, making them easy to access when needed.


It would help if you had good scissor sets to succeed at your upcoming year ten examinations. Scissors are necessary for school, college, and university students and should be stocked in every child’s school bag. Whether you need to cut up paper for your school projects or create a collage, a pair of scissors is the right choice. Here are some of the best types of scissor sets for school.

For the most effective performance, look for a pair of scissors with a non-stick coating. These scissors are made of metal and feature a special coating to prevent sticky residue from collecting on the blade. This prevents gummy scissors and reduces hand strain. Moreover, the blades should remain sharp for hundreds of uses and be easy to sharpen. High-quality scissors are also easy to sharpen. If you need to sharpen your scissors, look for those with a pivot screw that you can adjust to the blade tension.


If you’re in year 10, purchasing a calculator is important. This is particularly important if you plan on studying senior secondary mathematics. These courses require students to use a graphic calculator to help with calculations. Students should check their course requirements and ensure they have the appropriate gear for the subject. In many cases, this can be purchased from a stationery store or online.