Types of Safes

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The world is not a hub of sincere and benign people. There are many people who try to take advantage of others. Therefore, people are advised to be cautious about themselves and their things. That is why there are lockers and safes.

Safe is box that has space to keep your possessions. Safes have keys and PIN which could open them and let you take you and place things from  them or in them. There are many kinds of safes. Some of them are:

  1. Fire resistant safe: Fire resistant safe can protect your documents and possessions from fire by withstanding high temperature. The locker do not change its internal temperature when the temperature exceeds outside. Usually, they can withstand till 350 degrees of temperature like fireproof safes. Yet, majority of them can protect things and valuables for four hours. Besides, fire resistant safes are not watertight; therefore, locker users are requested to place their possessions in zip bags or dry bags or double shopper and then keep them in locker.
  2. Wall safes: Wall safes are installed inside the wall. They can be installed as much inside as you want. However, the labor and installer give you suggestions because the locker takes space as well. Usually, they have such doors and hinges that pry could not notice them. You can hide the safe by keeping suite of furniture against it or by hanging a a large frame against it. You can find them in secret places as safes for hotels.
  3. Jewelry Safes: They are smaller than others. They are made with wood and fine cloth like jewelry chest from inside. You can keep your jewels and other valuables in jewelry safe. Jewelry safe fall into the category of fire or burglar resistant safe.
  4. Burglar resistant safes: Burglar resistant do not withstand heat and high temperatures. They are usually made in such a way that the box resist the tools which burglar use to open the safe. The more they resist the tools, the safer they are.
  5. Environmental resistant safes: Environmental resistant safes protect the possessions from water and dust because of their being resistant to water and dust. Yet, they could not withstand high temperatures and fire.
  6. Smart safes: Smart safes can help you to take out money and your possessions automatically without opening it to take out some cash or jewels or documents. You have to dial the code, enter the amount and the money will come out. They are safer than environmental safe.