Tips on Choosing a Used Car

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You are buying a second hand car because either you have a limited budget or you have an urgency and you don’t want to get into long documentation processes as well. There are some people who say that why buy a 100,000 AED worth of new car when you can get that same car within half of its price when you buy a used one of the same model and color and even features. And then there are people who don’t recommend it at all that because either they have faced fraud or they just like to buy new things.

Buying a new car is easy, you just have to visit the car showroom and ask for the car you want and the salesperson gives you the keys and does the paperwork and you are set to go but do you know how to buy a used car? Buying a used car be tricky because people have all sorts of ways of hiding what is wrong with the car. For example, you want to sell your car and you don’t want them to see any scars or any other dent of that matter. So, what people do is they hide the scratches by simply painting on it.

The first step is to find out the market value of the car that you have chosen, let’s say that you like a 2015 GLI of Toyota and the one you have seen, it isn’t getting that same tick, so, it is best thing is that you ask people about this car and some people might give you to a lead of a person selling that car as well. In this way, you can know the market value of the car that you wanted. Second, you need to inspect each and every corner of the car and that should be done more often and right before you buy it.

If it is clean from inside and outside then you need to get a test drive from it and make sure to take a very serious test drive because you being in a driver’s seat will know that what and where is the exact condition of its engine.

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